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Wednesday, June 25

Prince Caspian Trauma!!!

Okay, so I'm sorry that this is so late but I've had quite a busy weekend and this is the first chance I've had to write anything. Last Thursday me and Snazzy went to the Narnia: Prince Caspian premiere - no we didn't have tickets we just went to see the stars going in. We met up with a couple of people we know from school even though we hadn't planned to so it was nice bumping into them. Anyway, after standing there for HOURS people finally started to go in. However, some idiot thought of the idea to let 10,000 people buy tickets so when the stars finally did come along the green/red carpet they were so surrounded by people that we could hardly get a picture of them let alone an autograph. Well, I thought lets just go home cos we've had a laugh and it's no big deal. Untill a guy comes over to me and offers me 3 free tickets to the premiere!!!!! I was ecstatic untill i realised that there were four of us and only 3 tickets. Just as i was about to say to my friends do they mind me and Snazzy going in, Snazzy turns round and GIVES THE TICKETS TO THE OTHER GIRLS WE MET!!!!!!!!! I couldn't beleive it and they even gave the third ticket to a girl I'd never met before. Well now that I've had my little (long) rant about the evening I'll try to get the pictures we did take into the gallery as soon as possible! Thanks for listening lol.
UPDATE!! the pictures are now in the gallery!

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lovemcfly_xx said...

i wanna go see this (: