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Tuesday, July 15

Wall-E premiere

So, even though the prince caspian premiere didn't go too well we still decided to go into leister square on sunday for the Wall-E premiere. Again, we didn't see the film but intend to so we'll post a review soon. Don't panic if you feel you may have missed out on a star-studded event because you did not. That's right, the closest there was to a familiar celebrity was George Sampson, Britains got Talent winner, although people did seem to know the names of some of the voice-over people from the animations. Sorry if your desperate for info on them but we didn't take any pictures of them because we didin't consider them as 'celebrity'. please go to the gallery to see the pictures.

Wednesday, June 25

Prince Caspian Trauma!!!

Okay, so I'm sorry that this is so late but I've had quite a busy weekend and this is the first chance I've had to write anything. Last Thursday me and Snazzy went to the Narnia: Prince Caspian premiere - no we didn't have tickets we just went to see the stars going in. We met up with a couple of people we know from school even though we hadn't planned to so it was nice bumping into them. Anyway, after standing there for HOURS people finally started to go in. However, some idiot thought of the idea to let 10,000 people buy tickets so when the stars finally did come along the green/red carpet they were so surrounded by people that we could hardly get a picture of them let alone an autograph. Well, I thought lets just go home cos we've had a laugh and it's no big deal. Untill a guy comes over to me and offers me 3 free tickets to the premiere!!!!! I was ecstatic untill i realised that there were four of us and only 3 tickets. Just as i was about to say to my friends do they mind me and Snazzy going in, Snazzy turns round and GIVES THE TICKETS TO THE OTHER GIRLS WE MET!!!!!!!!! I couldn't beleive it and they even gave the third ticket to a girl I'd never met before. Well now that I've had my little (long) rant about the evening I'll try to get the pictures we did take into the gallery as soon as possible! Thanks for listening lol.
UPDATE!! the pictures are now in the gallery!

Tuesday, June 17

"one for the radio"

here are the lyrics to the new mcfly song "one for the radio" out 14th july! -CANT WAIT
hears another song for the radio
life isnt fair for teh people who care stick your nose in the air and thats how you go far
so go tell your lovers
your fathers and brothers
your sisters and mothers
how lucky they are
light speed out of my mind im hurt but ill be fine
put your fist in the air
raise your voice and declare
so hears another song for the radio
and heres another line from the heart
so dont prtend you hate us as you sing along coz we all look the same in the dark
l.a temptaions or music sensations
theres grate expectations that weight on our head
so heres to the liers who dream and conspire against the admired we hope you drop dead
light speed out of my mind im hurt but ill be fine
put your fist on your chest
raise your voice in protestsinging

james bourn go's solo!!!

hey people
just to let you know james bourn finally started recording his solo album!!!
its ment to be compleatly diffrent to busted and son of dork but its still pop!!!
his been writing for a whole bunch of other people and is now concentrating on himself!!!!
cant wait to here it xxxsnazzyxxx

Teen Choice Awards 2008

The 2008 Teen Choice Awards will air on Fox on August 4th and will be hosted by Miley Cyrus! To vote, you must be between the ages of 13-19 and you can follow this link to do so!
Make sure you vote for Zac, Vanessa and Miley!!!!

Miley's Track List

Here is the track list for Miley Cyrus's new album out on July 22nd!


7 things


Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Full Circle

Fly On The Wall

Bottom of the Ocean

Wake up America

Four Walls

Simple Song


See you again (remix)

p.s. not all of our posts are gonna be track lists - just so happens that both our idols are releasing albums close to each other!

Monday, June 16

mcfly track list

hey this is the new track list for mcflys new album out 21st july!
1. everybody knows -5:02
2. One For The Radio-3:11
3.Choke On The Sunshine-3:42
5.Fairytale Nightmare-4:56
6.New Connection-3:04
7.Don't Want Your History-1:41
8.Worn On Smiles-5:03
9.The Heart Never Lies-4:23
10.Do You Now-2:56
11.This Is a Threat, Not a Promise-3:41
12.Lust In a Lonely City-6:38

Superhero Super-good!

Hey, let me tell you what we done on friday evening. We went to our local cinema and got ripped off for a couple of Superhero Movie tickets. When the film started I thought I was in the screen for Spiderman until they bought in some jokes and a main character who I think is hotter than Toby Maguire (give your opinion in the forum). You kinda need a stupid sense of humour to enjoy it but most of the cinema was laughing out loud and i occasionaly choked on my popcorn! I was kinda embarrased when Snazzy was screaming at all the rude bits but it's a good film if you wanna laugh with your mates. Overall rating; 8/10